Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flea Market Love

My in laws have been telling me about a flea market they go to every spring and fall.  Finally, this past Sunday, my husband and I packed the boys up and we all went to check it out.  

Wouldn't you know it rained early Sunday morning and it turned the flea market grounds into a mud pit?  (If you've read my blog before, you would probably expect it though).  We're talking ankle deep mud in places.  Mud and two young, potentially bored boys?  Not a good recipe, but I am happy to say they did great and the flea market was a success!  We were still a mess, but it could have been so much worse!

I wish I had taken my camera, but its bulky and I just didn't think it was a good idea with the rain and with keeping an eye on my kids.  There wasn't anything too unusual about this flea market, but I would have loved to have shown you "The Guys on the Hill," as my MIL calls them.  They have a huge section of goods set up on a hill.  Boxes and boxes of things just thrown together and set down on the grass.  Tons of furniture, old doors, stained glass windows, dishes, books, records, mirrors...you name it, they have it! 

As you shop, they shout out, "Good deals here!"  or "Lots of good deals on the hill today!"   Then, when you stop to look at something, say a chair, they'll say, "Good deal on that chair".  Then you ask how much, they give you an ok price and you counter with an awesome price that they are pretty good about taking!  Love that!

So, what did I get, you ask?  Let me show you!

First thing I bought was this old milk crate for $5.  Its fairly heavy with a metal bottom and in great shape.

Then I found this light:

I loved it, but I needed two that matched for my back patio.  So, as I was holding it, my husband called me from about 50 feet away and held up another one!  It was a slightly different color, but the style was identical!  We asked the man how much and he said $10 for the pair.  Not bad, but my husband countered with $5 and we settled at $7!  Woot!

Here they are together.  Forgive my husband.  He forgets he's not 15 anymore.

I found this vent at another seller's and thought it would look so nice painted and in the laundry room. 

I paid $5 for it and believe me, it is heavy!  Unfortunately, its too big for the laundry room, but I will find another place for it, don't you worry!  If I can get a second similar one, it will go in the basement when we redo it. 

My husband even found an old small gas tank that he plans on redoing.

It was $30, which he tells me is a great deal. 

I painted the lights already and they are even up!

Here's the pitiful lights we had before.  Don't judge.  Our house was a foreclosure and the old light fixtures were stripped out and replaced with cheapos.

And here is the after:

I love the glow it gives with the lights on!

Not bad for $3.50 each!

This flea market happens again in the fall and I am definitely going again, only earlier this time! 


  1. ok seriously girl, I need you here with me. I can't believe how great the lanterns look!!! I love them. I saw something similar to that when I was out looking. They look so pretty!

  2. Wow! I love everything you found! I can't believe the prices too! Nice.

    I definitely laughed at the hubby picture. Mine would do the same thing! :) You did a great job painting them and hanging them so quickly.

    Have a great day.

  3. Those are some awesome finds!! Wish we had flea markets like that up here ... LOVE the pic with your husband - good to know that mine isn't the only one who hasn't grown up sometimes :o)

  4. So...where is this flea market? I see you are midwest~ is it Columbus, Ohio by chance?

  5. oh how fun! those lights turned out great!!!