Hi there!

My name is Jodi.  I am a wife and a mom to two young boys.  We moved into our home September of 2008 and have slowly been working on making it feel like ours.  After reading and getting hooked on blogs for the last year, I finally decided that I was not only ready to start picking up the pace on my own home (ahem, finally), but to also share the whole process and more by joining the blogging world.  So here I am.

The name Roly Poly Farm came from a conversation I had with my husband where I said if we ever moved onto a farm type piece of property, which we would both love to do one day, I would want to name it Roly Poly Farm.  I don't know why.  Its silly, right? The thought of that name keeps me from taking myself too seriously, reminds me to think of my boys hunting under rocks for roly polies for hours in the summer...and it makes me smile.   And I like that.

As for the content of this blog, I think you can expect to find a few different things.  I hope to share lots of home improvement projects with you and also some other things that will enhance your own home life, such as some fabulous recipes, some deals (did I mention I love hunting and finding a good deal?!) and who knows what else?!  More than anything, I hope you find a great sense of community here like I have found in so many blogs.

Thanks for stopping by!  I look forward to getting to know you!