Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Up and I Love It!!

It's up!

The beadboard is up and I love it.  I am so glad I got over my cold feet and went forward with it.   Thanks for the little nudge.  Now I'm wondering how I could have ever had doubted whether or not to do it.  What was I thinking?

I'm not going to keep you waiting by rambling on! 


And after!

What a difference it makes!!  The room feels so clean now...and finished, even if it isn't quite finished yet, if that makes sense. 

One thing I learned from doing beadboard, you know, all of one time, is that in order for it to look nice and professionally done is to caulk, caulk, caulk!  I had gaps like this along the bottom:

and I was afraid that I was going to make a mess at all the grooves.  It really wasn't an issue though.  I just applied it like normal (this pic looks really messy):
and as you can see it did creep up a bit into the grooves of the beadboard.  So then, I just used a very slightly damp sponge brush and used that to remove it some and then push and feather  the rest into place:
(Excuse the poor pics.  Its was dark and I was tired!)
I also sanded in between coats to keep everything smooth.  I was quite surprised at what a time suck painting beadboard is!  Not hard, but so tedious because of all the grooves and upper and lower molding!  Painting white on white didn't help much either.  It was worth it though!

I am hoping to wrap things up in here this weekend.  We still have to put this counter in:

Oh, and a toilet, I guess.  That hole in the floor doesn't cut it for me.  We also plan on installing crown molding.  I also have some wood blinds waiting to be installed so we can have some privacy again in here.  All the outlets are being switched to white as well.  Finally, I need to figure out what I want on that empty wall.  Any ideas?  I have been searching and searching and haven't found anything that really jumps out at me.

Are you sick of hearing about my Target trips yet?  I just have one more.  I found these bins, measuring 12"x18"x18"  at my store for $3.74!!  They're so nice and big!

They also had some narrower ones for $3.24.  We had a pretty chaotic morning here Thursday and I needed some order, so I cleared Target out and bought 11 of them!  They're in the kids' playroom and in their bedrooms now.  I haven't completely organized them all yet, but already, I feel better! Ahhh!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  You know what I'll be working on.  How about you?


  1. I LOVE it!!! so glad you did it and it looks so good.

    Of course, I am totally going to check out Target for more bins. I should have went when I got your text LOL

  2. Oh Jodi!!! It looks so good!!!! You guys did a fabulous job! It really makes that bathroom and your counter top it perfect!...and the caulking is super too! Great buys from Target! So what is next!????

  3. Your bathroom looks great! Love the beadboard!

  4. Just found your site through Remodelholic. I love, love, love the idea of beadboard in a bathroom. Now I have to sell my husband on it.