Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Current Project: The Half Bath

First,I want to say hi and thank you to all my new followers!  Its so nice to connect with you, especially as I am just stepping into the blogworld!

Right now, we are in the process of remodeling our half bathroom.  it is the only bathroom in the main level of our home and the one that is used most often. 

Here it is before we did any work on it (well, other than painting it last year and replacing the toilet after I had a freak accident with it-I'll explain later.  Don't worry, its not a TMI story):


And this is what we have planned:
  • replace current vinyl floor with tile
  • stain existing cabinet
  • remove existing countertop, sink and faucet
  • paint oak trim
  • wood blinds or plantation shutters
  • install beadboard wainscoting
  • accessorize

 This is currently what the bathroom looks like:

Cabinet is stained, but doors are not up yet-

(Notice that mess on the floor?  I am a messy remodeler)

The floor is almost finished, but here is where it was last week:

My husband hard at work (you can see the cement board or whatever its called in place):

And the trim around the windows and doors is finished!

I'm really happy with how the trim came out.  I will post again soon about how I did the cabinet and a post about painting trim. 

Ok, the toilet story.  Not the craziest, but very typical of how I do things and how things happen around here.  I have a shelf above the toilet and for Christmas, I had two snowman figurines my MIL bought for me from the dollar store on it, among other things, like my most prized Christmas possession-a music snowman from my childhood.  Well, since the shelf is black, any dust on it is very noticeable.  So, there I am, washing my hands, when I notice dust.
 So, of course, instead of doing it the right way, I used my shirt sleeve to dust around everything.  Well, of course, I knock one of the figurines and I get startled and bump the whole shelf in my haste to save my musical snowman.  Well, everything falls off the shelf into the toilet below.  My snowman has a small piece that broke off (in the back, thankfully) and my toilet rim is missing a giant chunk out it.  Like 7" long.  Did I mention I had just put toilet cleaner in it so the seat was up?  Oh yes, so that means, if you are not visualizing this already, that I also had blue toilet bowl cleaner all over my walls and floor.  That stuff stains! The dollar store figurines do not have a scratch on them.  How does a small figurine do that to a toilet seat and not even have a scratch on it?!
 Anyway, I called my husband and told him about it and he asked if there was water from the toilet all over the floor.  I said no and then, not even thinking, I flushed the toilet!!!  Water went rushing everywhere because of where the porcelain fractured!  Well, there was water everywhere then!! 
And that is the story of how we got a new toilet and started on our bath remodel.  It is also just one of many examples of the craziness that happens around here!

Thanks for coming by!


  1. I can't wait to see the finished project. This would be something that would happen to me! :) I feel your pain.

  2. Wow! That was a lot more work than I thought you had done!!! The trim is beautiful!

  3. gorgeous...i can't wait to see the progress!!

  4. Looking good so far! Your toilet story. . . definitely something that would happen to me!

  5. I really enjoyed reading your post - you write very well and you had me laughing :o) I had to follow you!

  6. They sell a clear liner at The Container Store for those shelves. I needed it otherwise the Legos would never stand right.