Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Fabric Dilemma

Good morning!

I am moving forward with the laundry room and looking at fabric.  I need fabric for my window, to cover my ironing board and to line the back of my hutch.  The colors I'm looking for are blue, grey and green.  I'm flexible on the green and if I found the right fabric, I can work with it.

So, I did find some fabric I love.  I saw Amy Butler's Daisy Chain collection and loved it right away. 

Here are the three I liked:

Sweet Jasmine-Grey

Happy Stripe- Grey

Dandelion Field- Silver

 I ordered all three and received them last week.  Do you see the words in the description that follow all three?  Grey and Silver?  They don't mean a thing when it comes to describing what the fabric actually looks like!  There's no grey.  No silver.  Its brown!  Or tan.  Or on a really good day with the right lighting, its taupe.  My husband even said it was green.  No one that I showed it to said grey though.  Looking online, the vast majority of the images show it as being grey, but there were a few that showed its true color.
Here is a picture I just took this morning:

  So, sadly, its not going to work and I am back to square one with the fabric.

Which brings me to the true dilemma.  The other stuff not working out isn't a big deal because I can sell it on ebay.  Its annoying, but I understand things like this happen when ordering online.  The problem is that I can't find anything I like!  I want grey and blue and maybe green or yellow and I can't find anything.  Everything I see has brown instead of grey in it. 

So, share with me, if you can, what is your favorite source online for fabric?  Have you seen any fabric like what I described?  I saw this at Marshall's last night after looking without success at every single style of fabric for the third time at JoAnn's and had to laugh.  It kind of spoke to me:

That's my newest challenge for today!  What are you working on?  Is it going smoothly?



  1. Jodi, that's got to be so frustrating! Especially since they all have grey in their names! What the heck??

    I had to laugh at the sign--fitting! :)

    Good luck finding the right fabric.

  2. Sorry you are having such a hard time with fabric. I used tablecloths for fabric to make the curtains in my kitchen. I bet you could find tablecloths or even shower curtain fabric that you would like.

  3. I am so sorry you are having this issue. You couldn't find anything at Joann's? I am sorry I don't have any suggestions : (

  4. So sorry this is happening....yes, I have frustrations too! I have been having a hard time with fabrics too..something about the colors I look at lately don't match up with what I want! What online resources have you used?

  5. Bummer! I hate when things you order don't pan up to the hype ... I have heard from many bloggers about the wonders of fabric.com but I have never ordered from them myself living in Canada and all :o)