Friday, April 8, 2011

Rethinking How to Use Shower Curtains {by Lisa from A Vintage Vine}

Happy Friday everyone!

It has been a very busy week here.  Since it was Spring Break here, I was asked to work for a coworker and the twelve hour days have kept me from getting as much accomplished as I was hoping.  The laundry room is moving forward though.  I have my hutch primed and I hope to paint it this weekend.  Then we can put it in place and finish the board and batten in there.  Lots to show you coming up!

Let's talk about today though!  I am excited and honored to introduce you to Lisa from A Vintage Vine.  We are swapping blogs for the day and she has something very special to show you. 
Lisa and I became friends before I started blogging.  She was new herself (though you would never know it) and was so helpful  as I was starting out, answering all my newbie questions with such patience.
Lisa's blog, A Vintage Vine, is full of amazing DIY projects.  She is so talented when it comes to refinishing furniture and pulling a room together.  Her ideas are unique, creative and sure to inspire you to try them yourself.
As  I was trying to find some fabric for a roman shade in my laundry room and picking Lisa's brain, she came up with a great idea to use a shower curtain for something other than its intended purpose.  What a great idea!  I knew within minutes exactly what I would do.  I knew Lisa would come up with something divine as well, which she has.
So, hop on over to A Vintage Vine to see what I have done and enjoy Lisa's post today .  You'll never look at a shower curtain the same again!

Hi fans of Roly Poly Farm....I am Lisa from A Vintage Vine. I am so glad to be here blogging today....Jodi is over at my place...blogging a great project.....and I am here showing you a project I made out of a Target
fabric shower was even on clearance!
Shower curtains are great resources of affordable fabric.....I saw this fabric shower curtain and knew it was a great option for a chair makeover project in my daughters room. I bought this chair at a thrift store for $7....After some TLC, it is perfect for her room..
I first cleaned it with TSP and then sanded it...I painted it with Krylon Fusion
Dove White spray paint.
Tore off all this lovely black fake leather.....
After adding new batting for the cushion,  I recovered it with the fabric shower curtain.......
I won't bore you with all the details of how I recover cushions or benches...I blogged about it here if you need any tips....
I think she fits perfectly in my 5 yr olds room......
Look how much fabric I still have......Don't worry I have a project in mind for this too!!!
Now go find a great shower curtain and use it for something besides the shower!!!!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for the blog swap!!! Jodi...your project turned out wonderful!!

  2. Great job Lisa! I love the fabric and the newly painted chair! So pretty. Thanks for the inspiration.


  3. Love the fabric you chose, Lisa! It looks so pretty on that chair!
    I'll have to keep my eye out for clearance shower curtains to cut up.

  4. Thanks for the shower curtain tip. I really had never thought about using it as fabric before. Your chair turned out great!

  5. I love it!!! Love the colors in your daughter's room! Thanks for sharing these tips with everyone :) What a fun blog swap!!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Love your daughter's room LIsa. You 2 are so smart and both projects turned out beautifully.

  7. love how this came out! Great idea on using that for your project.

  8. Lisa and Jodi,
    You both had great the fabric for the cushions and daughter has that same fabric for her you know if the matching sheets are on sale too? Heres another shower curtain idea...I got a zebra print curtain that came from target at a yard sale for like $2 and I use it for a large round end table with a burlap square over's in a corner so the odd size works great.


  9. Great chair! That fabric is really pretty and your daughters room is lovely!
    Both shower curtain projects turned out really well! I'll be checking that aisle more often. :)

  10. i am being boring and using shower curtains for cafe curtains and slipcovers. You ladies rock.

  11. Morning looks that you painted it the white! Hope you have a great weekend...Picket

  12. I've never seen such gorgeous patterned shower-curtians in England. Now I'm really jealous!!!! That is a great idea to use in on the chair. But if you saw the choice on offer over here, you might think again!!!